Introducing the DC: Batman Bat-Tech Edition AR app, a groundbreaking project designed to ignite the imaginations of kids aged 6-12 worldwide. This innovative experience seamlessly blends immersive storytelling, Augmented Reality, and STEM-based learning to provide an interactive journey into Batman's extraordinary world of technology. 

As the Creative Director, I collaborated closely with the CEO of Thunderchild to shape the visual narrative of our marketing campaign, personally crafting every marketing asset to convey the app's magic. Additionally, my role involved meticulous coordination with Warner Bros and DC Comics executives. I navigated weekly approvals and adhered to stringent Batman brand guidelines, ensuring the project seamlessly integrated into the iconic Batman universe while delivering an enriching, interactive experience for young minds.
In crafting the logo for the DC: Batman Bat-Tech Edition AR app, I harnessed Warner Bros' style guide assets, blending their iconic design elements. The result is a distinctive and visually compelling logo that seamlessly integrates into the Batman brand, symbolizing the app's immersive journey into the world of technology.
Collaborating with Pure Imagination Studios, the key art process began with utilizing a 3D model to meticulously craft Batman's dynamic action pose, addressing the complex challenge of ensuring its scalability across diverse formats – from posters to app icons. After WB/DC pose approval, I orchestrated the collaboration with an illustrator, overseeing the process of digitally painting over the render to bring the character to life with subtle adjustments. Simultaneously, I curated the backdrop using assets from Warner Bros' art library and existing in-app UI elements, weaving a cohesive visual narrative that unified the marketing assets for the DC: Batman Bat-Tech Edition AR app.


Crafting a seamless transition from key art to the app icon, I adapted the visuals to the app icon ratio, introducing a distinctive framing element to pay homage to the iconic DC Comics brand. For the app screenshots, I integrated the established visual branding, ensuring users could envision the interface's look and feel while describing the app features through simple and readable messaging. Recognizing the global audience, I further localized the screenshots in over 10 languages to enhance accessibility and user engagement.
As a part of the live-action shoot for the marketing video, I played a hands-on role by contributing to the on-set coordination. Additionally, I took charge of sourcing a motion graphics artist for the trailer and providing crucial 2D assets to enhance the trailer to bring the promotional video to life.


I contributed to the design and conceptual development of a few in-app menu screens. Additionally, I actively participated in brainstorming sessions and concept development for exciting new app features, ensuring a visually engaging and user-friendly interface that enhances the overall immersive experience.

As a contributor to the marketing and branding of the Knightwatch program, I spearheaded the collaboration of a design team to craft the identity of the Batman Knightwatch. From the development of the distinctive logo to the packaging and content creation for the influencer kit, my role was dedicated to ensuring a captivating and cohesive brand experience for kids eager to immerse themselves in original Batman crime-fighting missions.

At the forefront of the social media push during the Batman Bat-tech launch, the distribution of specially curated Knightwatch kits to key influencers fostered engaging content creation that resonated with the global youth audience. The strategic influencer collaborations not only amplified social engagement but also successfully generated widespread anticipation and excitement, contributing to the overall buzz surrounding the app's highly anticipated release.

I took the lead in crafting all digital advertisements, meticulously tailoring them to resonate with audiences in over 10 languages. From concept to execution, the multilingual campaigns were designed as an impactful introduction to the immersive world of Batman's technology-driven adventures.​​​​​​​​​​


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