As a key contributor to the inception and realization of the groundbreaking VR social game, RIFF XR, I played a pivotal role in shaping its vision and creative direction. Tasked by the CEO, I built and led a talented and fully remote art team across 7 time zones comprised of 3D character, environment, and tech artists throughout the game's two-year development cycle. Riff XR harnesses state-of-the-art AI technologies to empower users, fostering creativity and immersion in digital worlds reminiscent of 'Ready Player One,' where an array of pop culture, film, and gaming references await discovery. The game is currently available to play on Steam and coming soon to Quest 3 and PSVR2.

My responsibilities extended beyond leadership, as I personally crafted and managed all aspects of asset creation, including Riff XR's art direction, 2D art, UI systems, HUD, and marketing materials. My involvement also encompassed sourcing and overseeing a team of developers and tech artists, ensuring seamless implementation of assets into UE5. On top of that, I had the opportunity to lend my creativity to the level design of a few maps from blockouts to the final set dressing, contributing to the immersive and engaging experience of RIFF XR.

The logo design cleverly encapsulates the essence of the RIFF XR game experience. The letter "i" symbolizes RIFF XR's commitment to individual exploration. The negative space of the "f" letters craftily molds into another person-shaped icon, emphasizing the social connectivity at the heart of the game. Within the sweeping curve of the letter "R," a speech bubble emerges, embodying the platform's focus on social interaction.

The 3D gridded background is a design feature that seamlessly simulates the anticipation of an operating system loading. Each grid, meticulously aligned, serves as a visual metaphor for the interconnected pathways within Riff XR, symbolizing the intricate network of experiences and possibilities awaiting exploration. 

Much like the iconic green code of The Matrix is inseparable from the film, our chosen background graphic becomes a distinctive symbol, immediately recognizable and synonymous with Riff XR.

The main menu design represents the operating system to the limitless world of Riff XR.

I designed the in-game wrist menu to be super simple and user-friendly, opting for a lightweight, non-graphically intensive interface. This strategic choice not only ensured optimal UI performance but also prioritized GPU allocation for the rich game environments.

As for brand colors, the subdued grey color palette of the canvas, allows the content to take center stage. 
The red color with its inherent vibrancy and commanding presence, serves as a visual beacon at times.

The skill cards I designed provided players with a comprehensive resource to delve into, enhancing their understanding of each profession's skill tree and fostering strategic decision-making within the game. Each skill type is color-coded by rarity level. 

An array of modals for the wrist menu and party system, NPC nameplates, statuses, and stats

I intricately wove pop culture references, hidden Easter eggs, and 80s nostalgia, that delight players with unexpected discoveries while gathering with friends to chat, play games, and share unforgettable moments

Art-directed one-of-a-kind avatar series pieces. From armor sets to skins and clothing players can express their individuality across 5 body parts.

I curated and art-directed a vast library of NPC and MOD characters and their outfits

The marketing trailer the team worked on for RIFF XR captures the essence of the game's unparalleled virtual experience, showcasing its innovative Ai features, mesmerizing environments, and vibrant social interactions.

I took charge of designing the fully responsive website for RIFF XR, which included a real-time gallery page for players to showcase their user-generated art created within the game 

Additionally, I spearheaded the creation of compelling marketing materials and assets for various social channels, ensuring a cohesive and engaging brand presence across digital platforms.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback from the RIFF XR community reverberated across social media platforms, with enthusiastic posts and self made videos on TikTok, YouTube, and Discord.

I meticulously infused thematic elements into Riff XR environments from 2D advertisements and signage to decals, small props, and retail logos, injecting a playful dose of fun and humor that not only enriched the virtual world but also added an extra layer of enjoyment for players exploring the game.


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